Day 5: It’s not as easy as it seems


Well, I have already learned that this project is going to be difficult. I skipped a day, I confess. Day number two was a complete and utter failure.

To make up for my mistake, I wrote two letters on day number three. That makes it even, right? Despite the major flub that was day 2, I have successfully managed to crank out a letter each day since.

I posted a Facebook event asking friends and family to send me their addresses so I can write to them. I was surprised how quickly some responded and disappointed in how few they were. The project is going to be a challenge because I just might just run out of people to write.

To remedy this problem, my mom suggested I contact an organization that  specializes in establishing pen pal relationships for people in prison. I will gratefully accept any recommendations about legitimate organizations that do this or something similar.

In the meantime, it is day five and I must write a letter.



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