Day 32: I <3 Hallmark

There are even birthday cards about how easy social media makes birthday greetings!

It used to be that on birthdays I would make frequent visits down the driveway to the mailbox in hopes there would be colorful cards wishing me another great year. Holidays and special occasions were the same, I’d get notes from aunts, uncles and grandparents (usually with a few dollar bills). The past few years have been different though. No longer do I anticipate the arrival of a gift through snail mail. The greeting card is becoming obsolete as the internet and social media use grows.

Instead of mailing a paper card, we now send e-cards or even write a Facebook post. A Facebook post! It’s almost unbelievable to me that Facebook is a primary form of gratitude or well wishes. To combat this I am bringing back the Hallmark card, well sort of.

Since beginning this project I have realized how valuable a personally written greeting card can be. They are a tangible, handwritten gift. They let the recipient know you care.

I sent five cards this week: 1 birthday card, 3 thank you notes, a very early Glee-themed Valentine’s card and a Congratulations card to my sister who was engaged to be married this past weekend. I have never sent so many cards in a week, but there is a card for everything! I am sure you can find an appropriate occasion to show someone you care this week. Why not send them a card?

There are tons of unique card companies, here is a list of some of my favorites:
Montreat Books & Gifts – Curly Girl Cards
Etsy – I love to support independent artists, so Etsy is a great site to do so AND they have tons of fun cards to choose from!


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