It’s going down: the decliine of the USPS

Did you hear the news about the woes of the USPS?

The United States Postal Service is having some financial issues, despite the $10 a month I pay to rent a P.O. Box. Bloomberg Businessweek shared a story a few days ago about the falling rates of first-class mail delivery and its imminent demise.

“With the rise of e-mail and the decline of letters, mail volume is falling at a staggering rate, and the postal service’s survival plan isn’t reassuring.”

Apparently the U.S. is not the only country facing this dilemma, but its failure to meet annual budget goals raises a number of questions and concerns for the 571,566 workers the USPS employs and some members of Congress – but just some.

In 2005 the USPS saw the volume of First Class Mail fall below that of junk mail. Since then, low cost postage and declining rates of First Class mail has spawned debate about the system’s budget woes, and whether or not it is feasible to continue to offer many of the amenities it does currently to employees and customers.

“This should be a moment for the country to ask some basic questions about its mail delivery system. Does it make sense for the postal service to charge the same amount to take a letter to Alaska that it does to carry it three city blocks? Should the USPS operate the world’s largest network of post offices when 80 percent of them lose money? And is there a way for the country to have a mail system that addresses the needs of consumers who use the Internet to correspond?”

I’m glad to know that my project is making some sort of impact, however small or large. What do you think about the possibility of a changing infrastructure for the USPS?


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One response to “It’s going down: the decliine of the USPS

  1. Bill Carroll

    I’m afraid with instant gratification demanded by people today. The united Postal service is doomed. Less personal but more efficent, email is the new telegraph.

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