The Letter Social is a comparison of how bonds form and relationships are maintained through different facets of communication. The emergence of social media has drastically changed how we communicate and connect with one another. Beginning January 1, 2011 I will attempt to write one handwritten letter, note, postcard to a friend or social connection every day week.

Throughout the “experiment” I will continue to engage in social media just as I have been. I will also keep a blog sharing notes and letters that I have sent and received. The blog will serve as a forum to compare and contrast the differences in connection between either forms of communication – handwritten or digital.

To ensure that I am growing from this experience and allowing myself the opportunity to connect through handwritten communication just as I would through social media, I will invite my social network to write me letters, notes, postcards etc. My hope is to respond to as many of those who write me as possible and to find the point of personal connection in both social media and handwritten communication. Send me a letter and you can be part of the experiment.