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Day 45: P.S. I love you


NPR released its own series of Valentine's Day cards - this one was my personal favorite.

Yesterday my family said goodbye to a longtime friend of my mother’s. After coming home from the funeral, I sat down to unwind and indulge in the slew of girly Valentine’s Day movies on Lifetime. Ironically, the movie that was playing was one about a woman who loses her husband to a brain tumor. But, before he died the husband (Gerard Butler) makes a plan for his wife (Hilary Swank) to receive intermittent letters, handwritten by him. The letters come at the perfect moment, soothe her and help her through her pain. My day was emotional, but it got me thinking about the beauty of the permanence of a handwritten letter.

Handwriting is unique to every individual. It is used to identify us, analyze us and select us in instances of jury selection, criminal cases and identifying exactly what a person’s characteristics are. But  even more, handwriting can be used for loved one’s to remember us. It is personality on paper; therefore, it is you.

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