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Day 94: Guess who it’s to…

I wrote one…

I will tell you who it is written to when that person receives it. You could always guess if you’re at the end of your seat, biting your nails with anticipation.

In other news, I will be writing lots of letters in the next 48 hours. I signed up for a volunteer postcard project through my alma mater. I have less than four days to complete it. ugh, #procrastination.

Happy Monday!


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Day 58: Mail Bag

Here’s the mail. It never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail MAIL!!!

I am a little late in posting this, but late is better than never. Last Sunday I took a little trip to the post office and to my delight I had TWO valentine’s cards. (Yes, it’s been over a week since then. Forgive me.)

I had anticipated any mail I might receive would be from my grandmother or my best friend. It is an effort to write a note and people don’t generally care to spend that kind of time writing out a long-winded message, dotting I’s, Crossing t’s and erasing their mistakes. I suppose that is why social media is so popular – it gives us more time for other things.

Nevertheless, the cards I received were from the most unsuspecting of people, long lost friends who have a vested interest in my effort. The simple fact that they took the time to participate in the letter social is encouraging, not to mention that one of the cards was a colorful handmade note. Maybe I’m not the only person reading my blog after all.

Thanks for believing in my project, ladies. Oh, and thanks for the killer Valentine’s. (They included princess stickers and a handmade Wienermobile card.) See below…

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Notes go a long way in the professional world

It has been a very busy week. I started an internship a week ago today at a local PR agency. The experience has been both dizzying and exhilarating as I have been meeting countless colleagues, familiarizing myself with a number of clients and learning how to work a 40-hour work week. Part of being a newbie is integrating professional etiquette into my life and taking in all the advice I can get.

During my time at OHIO University someone (or multiple people) told me it is crucial to write a handwritten thank you note after an interview. Luckily this is one of the pieces of advice I remembered and it might have helped me stand apart from other candidates during the interview process. But, I did not know how integral this advice would be after I entered the professional world. A recent post by Peter Shankman provides useful advice that normally isn’t given. One of the pieces of advice (given by a commenter to the post):

“Send five hand-written personal notes a week. People still like getting mail and it is far less likely to be ignored than an email or voicemail.”

I guess I have a whole new group of people to add to my project. But, what should I write about? Do you write notes to colleagues? If so, to whom and what do you write?

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Day 25: Thanks to you and you and you…

“RT @alternativeair9 @postsecret I leave thankyou notes to the janitors in my school on disposable trays.”

It seems I am not the only one who values handwritten communication. Last night on the CBS nightly News, journalist Steve Hartman investigated the prevalence of thank you notes written in the internet age. Despite many occasions to do so (weddings, interviews, random acts of kindness) most people do not send written “thank yous.” I personally wrote three thank you notes this week, but I have a feeling I am an anomaly. The act of writing a thank you note is intimidating, but it is the sentiment that is most important.

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