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Day 136: I think I am getting carpal tunnel

I wish I were exercising my hypocondriac tendencies by making that statement, but I am not.

My right wrist just plain hurts most of the time – other times I can’t feel my arm at all. This is exacerbated by the fact that I slammed my index finger in a car door on Friday and haven’t been able to move it since. Do you know why this is just SO FRUSTRATING? My right index finger is my mouse moving finger. I use this finger more than I use any other body part (next to my eyes and maybe my brain). If there are frequent typographical errors in this blog post it is because I am typing using the point and pluck method. Though, I must say, I am getting pretty good at it.

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Day 94: Guess who it’s to…

I wrote one…

I will tell you who it is written to when that person receives it. You could always guess if you’re at the end of your seat, biting your nails with anticipation.

In other news, I will be writing lots of letters in the next 48 hours. I signed up for a volunteer postcard project through my alma mater. I have less than four days to complete it. ugh, #procrastination.

Happy Monday!

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